Suicide online

Different reasons make many people decide to close their days. We will tell you about one of that people. His name is Vladimir, he's 32. He has a wife, Elena, and two daughters Olga (8 years old) and Tatiana (4 years old). Three years before doctors diagnosed rectal cancer. Three years of futile attempts to get over didn't produce any result, but left Vladimir's family practically without savings. Today the situation is despairing; doctors say that it left at most 6 months for Vladimir. He's suffering from constant pain and it's difficult for him to move. He is doomed.
He wants to help his wife and daughters, so he has agreed to perform a unique deed:
On the 1st of October, 21:00 Kiev Time (19:00 GMT) will be organized online translation in the course of which Vladimir will shoot oneself.
You can observe this suicide on live broadcast if you pay 20 Euro.
To obtain more specific information turn to address
We will inform you about necessary for suicide observation hardware, just as about methods of payment in private letter.
Most likely the address if this site as far as address of mail box periodically will change.
Everybody who keeps in touch with us, will receive contact information on indicated male boxes.

If you or your friends intend to commit a suicide, let us know. We will do everything to use it for the benefit of your family.
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